Medicare Supplement Insurance by 1-800-MEDIGAP


Medicare will pay about 80 percent of the recipients’ costs when they visit their healthcare providers. The other 20 percent is left up to the responsibility of the patient. For an additional premium, seniors can purchase a Medicare supplement that will cover the other 20 percent that their Medicare benefits do not cover. One such Medicare supplementalinsurance plan is the Medicare Supplement Plan G. Along with other benefits, those who purchase Medicare Supplement Plan G will have 100 percent of the left over charges paid by the plan. Inquire about this coverage by calling 1-800-MEDIGAP or 1-800-633-4427.
Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits for Medicare Part A
Plan G is one of the most thorough Medicare supplement plans. When seniors are hospitalized, Plan G will pay their Part A deductibles and an additional 365 days of hospitalization for 100 percent of the cost. If further hospitalization is required, the patient will be responsible for payment. The benefits also extend to the skilled nursing facilities where the plan will pay for the patient’s stay in the facility for 100 days. The time beyond this will be paid by the patient. The plan will also pay for blood draws and most of the costs for hospice care.
How the Plan Supplements Part B
Medicare Supplement Plan G also augments Medicare Part B by paying the deductible and the 20 percent not paid by Medicare. When a blood draw is necessary under the Part B coverage, Plan G will cover any deductible required and for all other excess charges. This Medigap coverage also pays the costs of those offering laboratory services.
Purchasing Medicare Supplement Plan G
Plan G is Medigap coverage that is one of the most thorough plans supplementing Medicare coverage that seniors can purchase. They do not have to concern themselves that they may not be able to afford to buy it because they can compare the quotes that they will receive in search of the most reasonable price. One way they can start this process is by calling 1-800-MEDIGAP or 1-800-633-4427. With several insurance companies competing for their business, seniors have a very good chance of obtaining the extra coverage they need for a great price.